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Join our affiliate referring partner scheme

Add value to your business and earn revenue by referring

your friends and clients to Brompton Financial.

Become an affiliate referring partner today 

If you have clients or contacts that carry out foreign currency conversions, then we'd love to hear from you.


Becoming an affiliate referring partner only takes a matter of minutes and has

significant benefits for you, your business, your clients and friends.


We think you and your clients will like us.

Benefits to you or your business

Referring Partner Scheme

Generous commissions paid on clients you refer

Referring Partner Scheme

Value adding service offered to your business at no cost

Referring Partner Scheme

Peace of mind that your cients are in safe hands

Referring Partner Scheme

Marketing support to encourage successful referrals

Referring Partner Scheme

Regular & transparent commission earnings statements

Benefits to your clients or friends

Referring Partner Scheme

A simple service explained in jargon-free english

Referring Partner Scheme

Competitive transparent exchange rates

Referring Partner Scheme

Low transfer fees and no hidden costs

Referring Partner Scheme

Simple online dealing and currency hedging tools

Referring Partner Scheme

Same day transfer of funds in major currencies

Examples of referring partners

A broad range of businesses and individuals can refer clients to Brompton Financial.

Some typical examples include:

  • Industry associations

  • Professional bodies

  • Estate agents

  • Relocation agents

  • Financial advisors

  • Import/export agents

  • Recruitment agencies

  • Retailers

  • Solicitors

  • Accountancy firms

  • Property developers

  • Wealth managers

So how does it work?

Give us a call on +44 (0)20 7525 9191 or click the link below to become a Referring Partner today. 


Once you have registered, simply make a referral via email or call us and we'll take it from there.  Alternatively, we are happy to work with you on creating targeted marketing campaigns that can be distributed directly to your clients.


Our knowledgeable UK team will talk to your referrals about how we can provide them with bank-beating transparent exchange rates, zero transfer fees and a friendly, simple service.


In exchange, you will be entitled to receive a healthy commission on all currency trades that are conducted by your referred clients throughout the term of our partnership.  Simple.

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