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Save money on your currency transfers

We provide customised foreign exchange and international payment solutions that can save you money, whether you are emigrating overseas or buying a holiday home.

Foreign exchange & international payment solutions for you

As foreign exchange and international payment specialists, we can help with your currency transfer requirements. Whether you need to make a one-off payment, set up a regular transfer or just want to lock in a competitive exchange rate for future payment, we have the right solution for you.​


We pride ourselves on our excellent levels of customer service and provide our clients with access to a suite of tools not typically offered by their high street bank.  These tools can help you save time and money, and are offered to Brompton Financial clients free of charge.

As a technology focussed company, we can provide competitive exchange rates. Unlike other banks and FX brokers, we do not widen our spreads over time and will be completely transparent with you. We will even show you the difference between your exchange rate and our exchange rate so you always know what you are being charged. 

Fair, transparent exchange rates
Fair, transparent exchange rates for personal customers
Brompton Financial Online Currency Transfers

You can buy currency, send payments and view your transaction history with ease via Brompton Financial Online. All your beneficiary details are stored and automatically checked for errors prior to sending your payment.  This saves you time and means that inputting errors are identified and addressed before your payment is sent. You will receive an instant notification once your payment is sent. 

Online dealing and payments

Making recurring payments to the same beneficiary on a regular basis takes time. You can setup your account so that the same beneficiary is paid every time you conduct a transaction and deposit funds. This can be useful if you are paying for an overseas mortgage or need to transfer pension payments. You can rest assured that you will always get the same competitive exchange rate and be able to view your transaction history online. 

Automated recurring payments
Automated recurring payments for personal customers
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Our processing efficiency enables us to send payments continuously, which means that your beneficiary can receive funds much sooner when compared to other banks or FX brokers. Payments sent before 14:00 in GBP, EUR or CAD will usually be received by the beneficiary on the same day. Payments in USD can be sent as late as 16:30 and will still usually be received by your beneficiary on the same day. Please note, that payments can be subject to compliance checks, which may affect when the funds are received by the beneficiary. 

Fast payments

When you have a little time on your side, you can place a rate alert to track a specific exchange rate. An automated email alert will be sent to you as soon as your 'target rate' has been achieved and you can then decide whether or not to buy your currency. This useful tool monitors the market so that you don't have to. You can place a rate alert now for free.

Rate alerts
Place a rate alert
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You can target a more favourable exchange rate by placing a limit order via our dealing desk.  Many clients also place a stop-loss order in conjunction with a limit order so as to protect themselves. This technique enables you to trade within a range and with limited risk. Although we cannot predict the markets, our expert dealing team would be happy to discuss limit and stop-loss orders with you.

Market orders

Our expert dealing team takes the time to understand your requirements and will monitor the markets on your behalf. We invest heavily in market-leading technology to bring you the latest news impacting the currency markets. We monitor the markets so you don't have to.

Currency hedging
Currency Hedging Tools

You can take advantage of a favourable exchange rate through the use of a forward contract. This excellent risk management tool enables you to secure a rate for delivery up to 1 year in the future. A small deposit of between 5% and 10% of the contract value is usually required and must be paid within 2 days of booking your deal. The contract balance must be settled on your specified maturity date. Even if you don’t feel comfortable covering all of your requirement forward, it's always sensible to cover a certain proportion if the rate has moved in your favour.

Forward dealing

Start saving money on your foreign exchange today.

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